So, this is the site for a game called Miskatonic. You might have heard of it somewhere and come to take a look. You might even have already bought it and come looking for news of the second part (if so, my thanks again for your support).

I made the game myself. This means I have control over what I do with it, and it also means I'm completely responsible for failng to keep up with the release of Part 2. More on that in a minute. Various things have happened in my life recently, and I couldn't devote the time I wanted to for the project. I was fitting it in around my other commitments, but for a few months now I haven't had any time at all. Once in a while someone emails me asking about it, and a recent one made me realize that I should just put out a message here. So two things to say:

1. I am basically calling off Part 2. It's disappointing, but better than diappointing people by telling them it's still on when I can't find the time anymore to work regularly. For that, I would prefer to cancel than indefinitely postpone. Might it happen in the future? Who knows. Computer games tech moves so quickly that the artwork, code and other assets I have completed might become essentially obsolete (and it wasn't state of the art to begin with). If I did ever dive back in, I would probably have to restart the artwork and programming from scratch.

2. I am giving away Part 1 from now on. You can stop reading now and get it here if that's all you came here for. Or at least giving it away as much as I have the right to. Ideally, I would just say it's now public domain, but that's tricky internationally. Additionally, there are some sound effects etc that are licensed, so they're not mine to release as individual "remixable" content. I guess you might say it is now abandonware.

Anyway, regarding the complete game package itself, do what you will. Sell it, give it away, host it on your site. You don't need to ask my permission. You don't need to credit me in any way. I don't really have the time to deal with licensing stuff these days. I am not liable for whatever you choose to do, but I won't come after you. If you are already selling it (thanks to those partners!) keep whatever profits you make or have made. I will probably keep this site up for a while longer.

There are a host of things I could say here, but there's not much point. All that is really left to say is thanks to those who bought it or enjoyed it. I feel as though I am letting you all down a little, though thankfully there aren't many of you ;)